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Our Services

Everything we do is designed for your individual care

As South Florida's premier hearing healthcare provider, we offer the following hearing services:

Hearing Evaluations

  • Comprehensive evaluations and hearing tests for adults
  • Video otoscopy for detailed viewing of your ear canal

Full Line Of Hearing Aids

  • Rechargeable Hearing Aids
  • Smartphone Compatible Hearing Aids
  • Invisible Hearing Aids
  • Custom Hearing Aids

Hearing Accessories

  • TV Streamers - for direct connection to your hearing aids
  • Mini Mobile Device - serves as remote microphone
  • Table Microphone - hear better in small groups such as dinners and meetings
  • Noise Protection Plugs - for musicians and sportsmen
  • Water Protection Ear Plugs
  • Batteries, wax guards and microphone covers

Additional Services

  • Educational seminars for groups and organizations including support groups
  • Hearing aid cleaning services for current hearing aids of all makes and manufacturers

Follow Up Services

  • Hearing aid repair services
  • Follow-up visits to fine tune the instruments to ensure maximum benefit
  • Routine maintenance and cleaning of hearing aids

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