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Our Professionals

Angelo Giordanelli, HAS, BC-HIS

Angelo Giordanelli is a Florida licensed Hearing Aid Specialist (HAS) as well as a Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (BC-HIS).  Angelo became a specialist and joined West Boca Hearing in 2006 (at the young age of 21) because he understands firsthand the need for proper hearing aids. Angelo has significant hearing loss due to a concussion as a young child.  He is known in the hearing industry as being quite the “techy”. Angelo uses his vast computer knowledge to properly program any level of hearing technology to give his patients the best chance to hear to the best of their ability.

Angelo also spends many hours per week doing outreach work at several Assisted Living & Nursing Facilities. He goes to these facilities and cleans hearing aids as well as the patient’s ears as needed.  Thanks to Angelo, elderly people who find it hard to travel are still able to hear and enjoy their friends and neighbors.  Angelo also serves on the Board of Directors for The Dellenbach Foundation serving Veterans in need as well as very sick and injured children.

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